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1. What is window film?

Window film is very thin polyester-based film, which is coated and laminated with different metals and dyes. These films are applied to the surface of the glass facing the interior of an automobile, home, or building. Window film can be applied to glass windows only.

2. How long will window film last?

High quality window films are warrantied by the manufacturer for the life of your vehicle and for 10 years for your home or commercial buildings. This warranty usually requires that the window film be applied by a professional installer.

3. Will window film make my house seem darker on the inside?

Technological advances in the window film industry allow you to enjoy truer sunlight with higher visibility under neutral or reflective shades of film with all of the fading and UV protection, glare reduction, and increased energy savings offered by darker films.

4. Can window film be applied to all kinds of windows, including double-pane?

Yes. Our residential films are designed to be safe for dual-pane windows. However, window film can only be applied to glass windows.

5. How will window film affect my house plants?

In most cases, if plants are already receiving adequate light, the use of window film will not harm them. If a particular plant normally wilts by the end of a sunny day, it will actually thrive better with film installed. Most nurseries or local agriculture agencies can tell you whether a particular plant needs closer to minimum or maximum light.

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